I’m Head of Planning at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.


What matters to me:

Great work, above all else

Clients with ambition

Collaboration and respect

The absence of silos

The primacy of rigour over process

The necessity of chaos and failure

Well-defined problems and objectives as creativity’s fuel

Bringing creatives into the planning process

Bringing planning into the creative process

The enduring power of magic and storytelling

Pursuing social ideas, not social media plans

Not believing the hype and rhetoric

Finding inspiration from outside the small world of advertising

Dismantling received wisdom

And winning


  1. jonathan lee

    Is the martin Wiegel that dated cara sullivan in the mid 90’s in NY?

    If so hello old man. This is Jonathan Lee. Cara’s friend Amanda’s husband. Your blog was forwarded to me by one of my team in London. Nice. Hope you are well. would love to catch up.

  2. Julian Lambertin

    You are hereby my new favorite planning blogger. Am a former researcher turned planner myself. Thankfully still walking the line between both. So much old news in your presentations yet so necessary to repeat and repeat and repeat… over and over again.

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  4. rebekahentralgo

    I would just like to say that working at Weiden+Kennedy Amsterdam is one of my life goals. While this may seem a bit premature (Im a college freshman studying media and public relations at Florida State University). I very much admire the work of this company and will make it my goal to one day work there!

  5. Malachy Walsh

    Hello Martin. Always a fan of your provocations and instigations. Hope all is well with you and yours. And who cannot love a book where the hero loses his head at the end. Cheers. Malachy

  6. Curtis White

    Just wandered by you site and please let me say how impressed I am by your comments on my book given the fact that I criticize your employer in the book. (Perhaps that was one of the places where you thought I was overly general and unfair.) Most blog site comments on the book have been dismissive of my pov largely because it is not their pov. You are a very notable exception. Thanks. Curtis White

    • Martin Weigel

      Mr. White,
      I might have tempered my snarkiness if I’d known that you’d stumble upon my small piece of the internet.
      Needless to say, the thought never even crossed my mind.
      I’m enormously flattered (slightly stunned, even) both for reading my scribblings, and by your generous words.
      Thank you for being so gracious.
      And thank you for your uncompromising argument.
      It felt like a vote in favour of human nature.

  7. gjergji

    Martin, I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this blog. I have put a direct link on my desktop and have made it a point to keep coming back to it and start reading from post 1.

    One of the fascinating things I find about your posts is the wide range of books and authors you quote. I ordered a couple of books recently that I discovered from your posts. If you were to recommend 2 books that have had a huge impact on you (any topic), what would they be?

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