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  1. pip pandey

    hello lovely martin,
    very interesting thoughts here. we could talk this topic for hours i think, but nothing bugs me like the fallacy that the best ideas originate from the creative department. they don’t – it’s just that creatives get more thinking time than anyone else. it becomes perceived as a ‘talent’ only because baby creatives then get years of practice at coming up with good ideas.
    in the same way, planners become especially adept at deciphering (manipulating?) data, whilst account men become masters of organisational psychology. i only have grade B maths GCSE, but i can read a P&L sheet or spot statistical anomalies in a second now: i wish it were talent, but it’s just practice.
    give me a room of 23 year olds fresh out of school/college, with no inkling of which agency discipline they prefer, and the REAL, god-given, talent will out in wholly unexpected individuals. anyone who has ever supervised graduate recruitment in an ad agency will know how staggeringly creative aspiring young account handlers can be.
    it’s a terrible injustice of our industry that securing your first job may be your last opportunity to do anything truly creative ever again.