1. Cmym.wordpress.com

    An engaging post, thank you.
    Romer’s cooking analogy – growth occurs whenever people take resources and rearrange them in ways that are more valuable – reminded me of literary theory.
    Russian formalists distingushed between the plot of a narrative (fabula) and its mode of telling (syuzhet). Being inventive doesn’t only mean creating ‘new’ plots, but to render previously familiar ones uncertain, challenging the reader into looking into them anew (Todorov).
    This leads to the definition of the artist’s task by Jacobsen: ‘to make the ordinary strange’.

  2. Hidden Persuader

    Millôr Fernandes (Brazillian writer and columnist) used to say that the future belongs to the “uninventors”. Ex: Nespresso is nothing else than the uninvention of the old coffee machines; the iPod is nothing else than the uninvention of the Walkman, and so on …