New Work Outta The Dam: Heineken


  1. James Maclean

    Hi Martin,
    Loving the blog as always, I particularly enjoyed your recent Engagement piece.
    I’m a little taken aback by this particular Heineken campaign and the uncanny similarities to The Rugby Code on Facebook.
    The humorous films bring to life the ‘The Code’, by which all fans and players adhere to” “Heineken’s Rugby World Cup campaign centres on the unwritten code of values in rugby union – respect, sportsmanship, loyalty and passion”
    “All true rugby players are educated in the ‘Code’ ; a set of, until now, unwritten rules born of respect, sportsmanship and fair play.”
    The TVC then goes on to mirror both the points of, and the even specific wording of, the Rugby Code. I realise that rugby is known as
    I started the group in 2007 to try and help maintain the unique ethos of the sport. We only have 11000 odd members but I’m proud of the work we do.
    If in fact this was the inspiration for the campaign it would be wonderful if you’d be able to give the Rugby Code some credit and publicity to help spread the good word.
    Kind Regards,

  2. Martin

    Hi James,
    Thank you for stopping by, and for your comments.
    In truth, there were many sources of inspiration for the campaign.
    And the biggest source of inspiration was the culture and ethos of the game itself – we’ve got quite a few totally passionate followers of the game here in the agency!
    But it’s fantastic to see that there are others out there like yourself who are championing the game. Though we all know it’s so much more than just a game.