Personality is action


Over two thousand years of wisdom. Worth remembering next time next time we find ourselves embarking on one of those endless quests for the perfect brand onion/pyramid/wheel, arguing over semantics and adjectives with all the feverish zeal of a medieval theologian. Character is action.


  1. Devarajan

    Dear Weigel, i have been following your post and interested in your thinking and POVs, i just found spelling error ‘it should be ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ and not ‘Ghandi’, am sure you will take care of this.


      • Devarajan

        Hi, thanks for your reply.
        I think it is, like we would not like our names to be misspelt.
        I thought if we are quoting somebody we should give full and correct credit.
        May be am over reacting since am from India.