1. Sherise Alexis (@sheriseology)

    True even in the US. I share a flat with 3 other college students and we’re part of the generation people love to use in foretelling the death of various media. Even though we’re addicted to streaming online options like Netflix and Hulu we still have a TV in every room but the toilet! We still know the local commercials and can recite the phone numbers to a local carpet cleaning service and a slip-and-fall lawsuit attorney.

    • Martin Weigel

      Looking at Nielsen’s report for Q.4 2011, 12-17 yr. olds in the US spend 22hrs 14mins a week watching ‘traditional TV’. They watch less than 35-49 yr olds (who watch 34hrs 16mins a week). But they’ve always watched less – they’re out more.

      Interestingly, 12-17 yr olds spend 1hr 25mins using the internet on a computer – versus 6hrs 10 mins amongst 35-49 year olds, and spend just 23mins watching video on the internet – versus 40mins amongst 35-49 year olds.

      The joy of data, eh?