If you work in adland, you’re not normal: The evidence

It is human nature to extrapolate from our own, personal experience of the world.

And sometimes it is a useful place to start.

But as these exhibits from Thinkbox demonstrate, we would do well to remember that in some of our media and technology habits, we are very different from people in the normal world.


So next time you hear somebody claim that “everybody” is doing this, or “everybody” is doing that, take it with a grain of salt.

The chances are that they’re talking about themselves.

(If anybody has similar comparisons for other markets, do please share).


    • lawrencealexander283

      I couldn’t agree more. I call it the marketing fallacy: the belief that “normals” see brand activity as anything other than a) a way to fulfill their own need or b) annoying sales.

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