1. allmoderncomms

    I think this is why social media struggles unless you are a total fan, and more broadly advertising with lower reach levels has to be fantastically creative now.

    • Martin Weigel

      Thanks, Andrew.
      Though I’m getting bored of pointing this out.
      Too much vested interest and too much vanity will ensure that only small headway is made.
      Time to pick another fight…!

  2. digitalsmorgasbord

    I agree that NFC (no one fakin’ cares) and effective branding works on a long term scale (Sharp’s arguments). What I’m missing is the contemporary role of advertising. Are brands relegated to playing a traditional role of broadcasting content to maintain their equity? If not, what value do agencies offer in the short term if their clients want to reap the benefits of investing in the long game? Thanks for your ongoing thoughts. – Z

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