1. Miguel

    Tools treat symptoms as if they were the underlying cause of an illness. Without critical analysis, imagination and guts we can’t diagnose properly the root of our problem. This can be applied to marketing, politics, technology, etc.
    Also, tools are created by a designer to solve an specific kind of problem, therefore they are ill fitted to most tasks at hand. Therefore they can’t, by design, be used to solve complex problems which are, by nature, fairly unpredictable and often the observer effect exacerbates such complexity which in turn makes our predictions or prognosis invalid.
    To sum up, I’d say Eisenhower’s quote “Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.” is the only practical alternative to the use of tools by the tools sake in everyday life. Then again I’m a planner, post-rationalizing and tortuous logic defines much of what I do for a living, therefore, following Occam’s razor advice, there should be a simpler answer for this, assuming I am close to the right answer.

  2. jemtw

    I love Occam’s razor and the principle of parsimony (the first rule of nature) but I love Hanlon’s Razor more: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”; and even more than that Delaney’s Reciprocal “Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by malice”.

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