Adland’s surrendered agenda

The objective of this industry, once clearly stated as the creation of value through the building of brands through the power of ideas, has been reset. We are now, apparently, in the business of adjusting to and coping with the change that we are facing. It is a heroic agenda but, ultimately, parochial and low value. Our achievements are now measured against a yardstick of change management, whereas we used to be hailed as a cultural force – one that created the change that others would manage.”

Source: Giles Hedger, ‘The fallacy of our time‘, Campaign, 23 April 2015


  1. jemtw

    not surrendered around here Martin: nor there I’m sure. But a good point, a once confident industry that has fallen for digital banter?

    • Martin Weigel

      Massive generalisation, of course.
      So yes, there are pockets of resistance!!
      That said, I think Giles is right.
      We have lost (at least some of) our faith in the power of ideas.
      And we spend more time responding to disruption (or talking about it) than being agents of disruption ourselves.