It’s about the idea, stupid


The truth is, the transformed media landscape has made incremental cost efficiencies much less compelling to clients than the value of a huge idea and a highly creative communication strategy. To an enlightened client,  the scale of your resources pales in significance to the power of your ideas.”

Carl Johnson, CEO , Anomaly

Creative intensity means stepping back from the limitless matrix of touchpoint permutation and finding a brand’s high-value communication opportunities. Why do people work from the assumption that their core idea is incapable of holding a scalable audience? What does it say about the quality of ideas in the industry today?”

Giles Hedger, CSO, Leo Burnett




  1. allmoderncomms

    It’s all about the idea and how the idea spreads in and beyond the channels it appears within.

    The fact that media and creative have a separation gap is producing the worst in commoditised campaigning and the vision of automated programmatic inventory filling is all too close.

    Idea mush within commodity media is where it is for the vast majority.

  2. MikeB

    I’m probably wrong but isn’t there is a danger that by worshiping “the idea” you lose focus on much that is important in effective advertising? The “idea” is a very remote concept, is there a danger that you diminish the role of the consumer, on what’s important to them and the best way to reach them?

    Maybe it’s just semantics but to me the “idea” doesn’t mean the benefit of the product or communicating something important to a potential customer. Often “omni-channel” / “core” ideas end up being generic and therefore bland when they become communication (that may be because they’re bad ideas to be fair).

    Also, part of Advertising surely is in and crafting a something that is capable of stopping people and grabbing their attention, and a lot of that is down to the channel they appear in. A good example is the latest Apple outdoor – the idea is essentially just a product feature – it’s the craft of those ads that brings it to life.

    Love the blog by the way…

    • Ian Leslie

      Yes. This fetishisation of ‘the idea” – ineffable, undefinable, unmeasurable – is akin to faith in God. Unfalsifiable and therefore unarguable. A ghost in the machine. Superstition.